Now in its eighth year, Iranian Film Festival Australia is the only nation-wide Australian festival dedicated to Iranian cinema. Our aim is to showcase a diverse range of the best and most interesting of current Iranian cinema, one of the world’s most exhilarating national cinemas, and through cinema to introduce Iranian culture to other Australians, providing a better cultural understanding.

Many Iranians consider IFFA the key Iranian cultural event in Australia. This year's program includes recent films from some of the most prominent Iranian directors such as Bahmam Farmanara's Tale of The Sea (2018 Moscow Film Festival) and Mani Haghighi's Black-Comedy, PIG (2018 Berlinale competition) and also the work of a new generation of filmmakers such as Abbas Amini's Hendi & Hormoz (2018 Berlinale).


Join us in opening the 8th Iranian Fim Festival Australia 2018 with a screening of Mani Haghighi's Black-Comedy PIG at 7pm, with a pre-screening celebration with pre-drinks and delicious Iranian  finger food!  Opening Night Tickets $30

Adults $20
Student/Concession/Privilege Card $15
5 Film Pass $85 adults
(Please note 5 Film Passes can only be purchased at the Cinema Box Office, a person must purchase 1 ticket to five different films screening at the festival in one transaction, excludes opening night event)

Please note: All films in Farsi with English subtitles.
Visit the festival website for details www.iffa.net.au


Luna Leederville - session times

Fri 2 Nov - Luna Leederville    
7:00PM  IFF: PIG  (CTC) 1 hr 58 mins
Sat 3 Nov - Luna Leederville    
4:30PM  IFF: Amir  (CTC) 1 hr 56 mins
7:00PM  IFF: Tale of the Sea  (CTC) 1 hr 47 mins
Sun 4 Nov - Luna Leederville    
4:30PM  IFF: Rona  (CTC) 1 hr 53 mins
7:00PM  IFF: Sly  (CTC) 1 hr 40 mins
Mon 5 Nov - Luna Leederville    
7:00PM  IFF: Hendi & Hormoz  (CTC) 1 hr 56 mins
Tue 6 Nov - Luna Leederville    
7:00PM  IFF: Axing  (CTC) 2 hrs 2 mins
Wed 7 Nov - Luna Leederville    
7:00PM  IFF: Hattrick  (CTC) 1 hr 42 mins

IFFA18 Pig - Opening Night 108 mins

2794 IFFA18 Pig - Opening Night Banned from making films, Hasan is doubly frustrated that his muse, the actress Shiva, is working with other directors. His home life is faring no better. There are disagreements with his wife, and his aged mother is getting more and more detached from reality. But most galling of all, a serial ... More
Screening: Fri 2 Nov
Luna Leederville: Fri 2 Nov

IFFA18 Amir 106 mins

2795 IFFA18 Amir Amir goes to the airport to welcome his friend Ali, where he realizes that Ali’s ex-wife Ghazal has taken their son Ardalan with her illegally and most probably will immigrate soon. Amir, Despite of all his personal problems, takes Ali to his office to find his ex-wife and son. Screened at ... More
Screening: Sat 3 Nov
Luna Leederville: Sat 3 Nov

IFFA18 Tale of The Sea 97 mins

2796 IFFA18 Tale of The Sea Taher Mohebi is a well-known writer who, after witnessing a violent murder, breaks downn and spends three years in a mental institution. After release he is told that things are just as they were before, but his relentless hallucinations make him want to return to the institution. Screened at the ... More
Screening: Sat 3 Nov
Luna Leederville: Sat 3 Nov

IFFA18 Rona; Azim's Mother + Lunch Time 103 mins

2797 IFFA18 Rona; Azim's Mother + Lunch Time Azim, an afghan refugee, who works at the municipality at night, lives in Tehran along with his family. Being the head of entire family and as the eldest brother, he arranges for his brother Faroogh, and his family along with their mother to be smuggled into Germany. But at the last moments ... More
Screening: Sun 4 Nov
Luna Leederville: Sun 4 Nov

IFFA18 Sly 90 mins

2798 IFFA18 Sly Ghodrat Allah Samadi’s ultimate goal is becoming a parliament member, however, he has a history of taking arbitrary actions. He decides to negotiate with fundamentalist parties and figures, but no one takes him seriously. After a while, he becomes famous. Due to his fame, a reformist party ... More
Screening: Sun 4 Nov
Luna Leederville: Sun 4 Nov

IFFA18 Hendi & Hormoz + Bubble 106 mins

2799 IFFA18 Hendi & Hormoz + Bubble On the island of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, according to local custom, thirteen-year-old Hendi is married off to sixteen-year old Hormoz. Despite the fact that the young couple hardly know each other, they fully enjoy the beginning of their married life together. However, events occur which darken ... More
Screening: Mon 5 Nov
Luna Leederville: Mon 5 Nov

IFFA18 Axing + Staircase 112 mins

2800 IFFA18 Axing + Staircase The story of an addicted woman Mahsa who thinks that her girl is dead but when finds out that she is alive and lives by her father (Mahsa’s ex-husband) decides to take her back. This put her to face her ex-husband and his new wife. Winner Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress (Sarah Bahrami), ... More
Screening: Tue 6 Nov
Luna Leederville: Tue 6 Nov

IFFA18 Hat-trick 92 mins

2801 IFFA18 Hat-trick Getting back from a party with his wife and two friends, Farzad hits something with his car. No one sees anything! After a long discussion, all confused and frightened, they leave the scene and go to one of the friend’s house to think things through and decide what to do. But talks about the ... More
Screening: Wed 7 Nov
Luna Leederville: Wed 7 Nov