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If you could recreate any moment from the past, what would you choose? Exactly this service is available – for a fee – to old-fashioned, aging cartoonist Victor.

After decades of marriage to the vivacious, technology-loving Marianne, she finally kicks him out of the house and he approaches Time Travellers. This high-end service can grant you the chance to play the lead role in any point in history, with full cast and costume on an authentic set. Feeling unloved and nostalgic, Victor knows precisely what (and when) he yearns for – a dowdy café in 1974 at the exact place and time he first met Marianne.

Crammed with charm, wit and ideas, La Belle Époque is a movie to remember.

Where so many high-concept romantic comedies squander their one big idea, "La Belle Époque" leverages its own to remind how and why we fall in love in the first place... - VARIETY

Everything clicks here, all the time. - HOLLYWOOD REPORTER