IFFA19: My Second Year in College (Sal-e Dovom-e Danehkadeh-ye Man) 99 mins

3333 IFFA19: My Second Year in College

Screening Sat 16 Nov at:

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Saturday, 16 November

Australian Premiere

There are two close friends, two university girls, going on an excursion to Isfahan. After an accident one of them falls into a coma, for the other one, any confrontation turns to be a new challenge. Confrontations with her own mother, sister, and fiancé, her sleeping friend, her parents and most of all her best friend’s boyfriend who she has been getting closer and closer with.

Winner Best Actress (Soha Niasti). Moscow International Film Festival 2019
Shanghai International Film Festival 2019
Singapore South Asian International Film Festival 2019
Fajr National Film Festival 2019