Join  us on  Tuesday May 30  for  a  special  Q&A screening with Perth director Pete Gleeson and  producer Melissa Hayward  who  will present and  talk about  this  raucous, unflinching  debut  that  is a shocking, amusing and unexpected moving portrait of small town  insularity forllowing the 6.30pm session at Luna Leederville.

Two Finnish backpackers, down on their luck and lured by the opportunity to save money while enjoying an authentic Aussie experience, find themselves working behind the only bar at a remote mining town. Lambasted by their new boss whilst being relentlessly pursued or mercilessly ridiculed by booze-addled patrons, their working holiday becomes a test of endurance. Struggling to adapt to an outback culture as claustrophobic as it is alienating, the visitors realise that to meet expectations out here, they’ll need to do more than just pour drinks!

Hotel Coolgardie is a jaw-dropping journey into an Australia you won’t see on any travel show!

“One of the most captivating Australian documentaries in recent memory…
humorous, absorbing, uneasy and often disturbing. ”  **** CINEMA AUSTRALIA

“…a nightmare version of Cheers…”  POV MAGAZINE

“…a sly and lighthearted humor throughout an otherwise astonishing narrative…
…captivates from intriguing start to bittersweet end…”  SLUG MAGAZINE

“Completely unexpected, completely stunning. 8/10”  THE YOUNG FOLKS

“Hotel Coolgardie is to bogans what Jaws is to sharks.”  THE BRAG

 Exclusive season starts from 15 June  at Luna Leederville

Screening: Tue 30 May

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Tuesday, 30 May