Three Identical Strangers 96 mins

  • Three Identical Strangers
  • Three Identical Strangers

Luna exclusive! They didn't know that they were brothers. But someone did. An incredible true story that starts off feel-good and swerves into truly astonishing territory, THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS is the documentary experience of the year.

Like something out of The Twilight Zone, this Special Jury Prize winner at Sundance is an incredible true story of triplets separated at birth … but that’s just the beginning of an even more incredible story.

Prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor as you learn about Bobby, Eddy and David – identical triplets separated at birth. Discovering one another completely by accident at age 19, the three strangers became news sensations appearing on magazine covers, talk shows and even the dancefloor of Studio 54. Reality stars before Big Brother were ever conceived. But it wasn’t long before questions were asked, and The New Yorker’s investigative journalist Lawrence Wright began seeking the truth behind the brothers’ unique situation.

Picking up the story decades later, director Tim Wardle expertly raises moral and ethical questions and the timeless debate of nature versus nurture as he follows the tangled threads to their increasingly disturbing ends. Three Identical Strangers is both a remarkable real-life tale and bona fide thriller that understandably took Sundance by storm. It is a true event film for documentary lovers.

Winner: Special jury prize  Sundance Film Festival

Winner:  Audience Award  Chicago Film Critics

Winner: Documentary  Jury Award & Audience Award Berkshire Int'l Film Festival

"Jaw-dropping ... a gripping, stranger-than-fiction account [that] begins as a human-interest story and builds to an impressive work of investigative journalism." – Variety

'Twist -filled. You keep picking your jaw up off the floor.' Entertainment Weekly

'Hooks you from the beginning and never lets up. A film we're going to be talking about for a long time.' Collider

'Rivetting' New York Post

'Gripping,' The Hollywood Reporter

'Remarkable.' IndieWire

'Oh My God.' The Wrap


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