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Sunday, 29 May
12:50PM 5:00PM 
Monday, 30 May
1:10PM 2:50PM 5:00PM 
Tuesday, 31 May
1:00PM 2:50PM 5:00PM 
Wednesday, 1 June
1:00PM 2:50PM 5:00PM 

Master filmmaker Céline Sciamma (Portrait of a Lady on Fire) is back with Petite Maman. A captivating coming of age story that explores childhood and a mother-daughter relationship that crosses through time.

8-year-old Nelly has just lost her beloved grandmother and is helping her parents clean out her mother’s childhood home. She explores the house and the surrounding woods where her mum, Marion, used to play and built the treehouse she’s heard so much about. One day her mother abruptly leaves. That’s when Nelly meets a girl her own age in the woods building a treehouse. Her name is Marion.

French with English subtitles 

Critics are saying...
“An artistic masterstroke” The Guardian

"Impeccable filmmaking." Awards Daily

"A gentle yet deeply moving, and indelible cinematic  experience." The Queer Review

“A film that beckons like a forest path … Petite Maman is a tiny suspended moment within time, magnified at high resolution until the microscopic becomes momentous.” Sight & Sound

"Céline Sciamma’s beautiful fairytale reverie is occasioned by the dual mysteries of memory and the future: simple, elegant and very moving."
The Guardian
"...pretty much impeccable filmmaking. And what a joy to remember we used to be so open-minded that magic was literally possible."
Awards Daily

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