Luna Leederville - session times

Thu 14 Nov - Luna Leederville    
7:00PM  IFFA19: Castle of Dreams  (CTC) 1 hr 41 mins
Fri 15 Nov - Luna Leederville    
7:00PM  IFFA19: Alive  (CTC) 2 hrs 5 mins
Sat 16 Nov - Luna Leederville    
4:15PM  IFFA19: My Second Year in College  (CTC) 1 hr 54 mins
6:30PM  IFFA19: Tehran: City of Love  (CTC) 1 hr 57 mins
8:45PM  IFFA19: The Oath  (CTC) 1 hr 40 mins
Sun 17 Nov - Luna Leederville    
4:30PM  IFFA19: Old Men Never Die  (CTC) 1 hr 40 mins
6:30PM  IFFA19: Respression  (CTC) 1 hr 46 mins
Mon 18 Nov - Luna Leederville    
7:00PM  IFFA19: Zero Floor  (CTC) 1 hr 45 mins
Tue 19 Nov - Luna Leederville    
7:00PM  IFFA19: Labyrnith  (CTC) 1 hr 41 mins
Wed 20 Nov - Luna Leederville    
7:00PM  IFFA19: Symphony No.9  (CTC) 1 hr 48 mins

Now it’s ninth year, Iranian Film Festival Australia is the only nation-wide Australian Festival dedicated to Iranian Cinema. Our aim is to showcase a diverse range of the best and most interesting of current Iranian cinema, One of the world’s most exhilarating national cinemas, and through cinema to introduce Iranian culture to other Australians, providing a better cultural understanding.

The Iranian Film Festival Australia is thrilled to announce Reza Mirkarimi’s acclaimed, multi award winning film, Castle of Dreams as the opening night film of this year’s Festival, which takes place from 14 November - 20 November In its ninth iteration IFFA 2019 will showcase the best of Iranian cinema, presenting a mix of films by world-renowned Iranian auteurs alongside thrilling new talents in a dynamic program that tours across the country.

After winning the Best Screenplay and Music awards at Iran’s National Academy Awards, Castle of Dreams went on to scoop the Golden Goblet prize for Best Film, the Best Director prize for Reza Mirkarimi and a shared Best Actor Award for Hamed Behdad at the prestigious Shanghai Film Festival earlier this year.

A drama about family, separation and keeping one’s promises by one of Iran’s finest filmmakers, Castle of Dreams is described by The Hollywood Reporter as “a subtly written and sensitively directed psychological drama that nimbly teases out the meaning of fatherhood and the responsibility it entails.”

Adults $20
Student/Concession/Privilege Card $15.50
Opening Night $30


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IFFA19: Opening Night - Castle of Dreams (Ghasr-e Shirin) 86 mins

3325 IFFA19: Opening Night - Castle of Dreams Join us on Thursday 14 November, as we celebrate the opening of the 9th Iranian Film Festival with the extraordinary award-winning CASTLE OF DREAMS. Patrons will receive a complimentary drink on arrival from 6.30pm plus Iranian finger food courtesy of the Persian Food Delivery - Perth (while stocks ... More
Screening: Thu 14 Nov
Luna Leederville: Thu 14 Nov
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IFFA19: Alive (Jandar) 100 mins

3326 IFFA19: Alive International Premiere During Asma’s wedding night, her brother Jamal and her ex-lover’s brother get into a fight. Jamal kills the guy unintentionally and leaves the scene. Scared and panicked, he hides in his friend’s place. In order to show the killing as a self-defense, ... More
Screening: Fri 15 Nov
Luna Leederville: Fri 15 Nov
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IFFA19: My Second Year in College (Sal-e Dovom-e Danehkadeh-ye Man) 99 mins

3333 IFFA19: My Second Year in College Australian Premiere There are two close friends, two university girls, going on an excursion to Isfahan. After an accident one of them falls into a coma, for the other one, any confrontation turns to be a new challenge. Confrontations with her own mother, sister, and fiancé, her sleeping ... More
Screening: Sat 16 Nov
Luna Leederville: Sat 16 Nov
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IFFA19: Tehran: City of Love (Tehran: Shahr-e Eshgh) 102 mins

3328 IFFA19: Tehran: City of Love Australian Premiere An ex-bodybuilding champion now personal trainer, finds secret excitement in his life when he accepts to train a young man for the championships; An overweight beauty clinic secretary who lacks confidence in her physical appearance, uses her sexy voice to create a persona for ... More
Screening: Sat 16 Nov
Luna Leederville: Sat 16 Nov
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IFFA19: The Oath (Ghasam) 85 mins

3329 IFFA19: The Oath Australian Premiere A woman, hell-bent on avenging her sister’s murder, takes 50 men and women from her family on a bus trip to another city for them all to take an oath in front of a judge declaring her brother-in-law is the murderer. But the road has so many twists and turns. Tokyo ... More
Screening: Sat 16 Nov
Luna Leederville: Sat 16 Nov
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IFFA19: Repression (Sarkoub) 91 mins

3331 IFFA19: Repression International Premiere After a long time, three sisters come back to their paternal house. They face a caretaker along with their mother struggling with Alzheimer’s. But there is no trace of the father who has disappeared in an early morning. A dead body is found, but none of the sisters are ... More
Screening: Sun 17 Nov
Luna Leederville: Sun 17 Nov
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IFFA19: Old Men Never Die (Piremardíha Nemimirand) 85 mins

3330 IFFA19: Old Men Never Die Australian Premiere One-hundred-year-old Aslan, the head of a death squad in his youth, is living with his other single old fellows in a remote village in the northern-west of Iran. Since he came to the village 45 years ago, no man has ever died in the village! Now, most of the population are old ... More
Screening: Sun 17 Nov
Luna Leederville: Sun 17 Nov
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IFFA19: Zero Floor (Pilot) 90 mins

3332 IFFA19: Zero Floor International Premiere Vahid comes to Tehran to stop the surgery of his four-year-old son Soheil but he finds out he has passed away during the surgery. Vahid blames his ex-wife Fahimeh for the death of Soheil, and believes that her selfish decision got his son killed. Soheil's death is a new ... More
Screening: Mon 18 Nov
Luna Leederville: Mon 18 Nov
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IFFA19: Labyrinth (Hezartou) 86 mins

3327 IFFA19: Labyrinth Australian Premiere Negar and Amirali are going to immigrate, but in the very last moment, they face a critical situation: their son, Bardiya, goes missing. Now it is time to unfold all the family secrets… Finalist - Wales International Film Festival ... More
Screening: Tue 19 Nov
Luna Leederville: Tue 19 Nov
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IFFA19: Symphony No. 9 (Symphony-e Shomareh-ye 9) 93 mins

3334 IFFA19: Symphony No. 9 International Premiere Rahil is a surgeon and has lost her husband during surgery. She decides to kidnap her husband's body and bury him next to his parents based on his will, although his husband’s family disagrees with it. On the way, Rahil confronts the Angel of Death and realizes she no ... More
Screening: Wed 20 Nov
Luna Leederville: Wed 20 Nov
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