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From space, our planet appears as a tiny blue dot in the vastness of space, our oceans dominating from afar. But the seas are under threat. The ecological destruction that has occurred in the oceans over the last century is unprecedented and warns of an impending mass extinction. Tackling themes of habitat destruction, species loss and pollution, BLUE takes us into the water where we witness ocean change first hand.

From the state of commercial fishing and practices such as shark finning, the plastic waste that clogs the oceans killing sea life, to the perilous state of the Great Barrier Reef that not only has to contend with the decimating effects of coral bleaching but also further threat from port expansions designed to facilitate the opening of the largest coalmining project in Australia’s history, BLUE pulls no punches. Coming at a time when the world is making critical decisions (or refusing to do so) on serious climate change issues, Australia is at a crossroads where it can be seen as a marine conservation leader. And we have to move fast: 90% of the creatures living in Australian oceans occur nowhere else in the world, and have nowhere to go if we don’t protect them. BLUE is an urgent call to arms, and a must watch documentary.

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Starts Thu 12 Oct at:
Cinema Paradiso
Luna On SX