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Moll is in her mid-twenties but she lives with her family in a remote island community. Virtually trapped by the demands of her family, Moll finds a potential escape in the mysterious figure of Pascal. But there is a brutal murderer on the loose, and suspicion soon turns onto Pascal.

Jessie Buckley and Johnny Flynn (Moll and Pascal) deliver exceptional performances, creating complex, fully developed protagonists, while debut feature director Michael Pearce, who also wrote the film, creates a brooding, psychological thriller. This stunningly assured debut from writer/director Pearce uses small, human moments to capture enormous truths. Pearce and the remarkable actress Jessie Buckley have created, in Moll, an unforgettable portrait of desperation and obsession. The remote setting and gloriously stark cinematography only add to the pervasive feeling of isolation. 

“The brilliance of Beast lies in the compelling nature of Pearce’s storytelling. This is a psychological crime thriller masked by a sweeping and scandalous romance. The fear of murder lingers in the air, yet doesn’t assume all of the focus. The audience is mesmerized by Pascal and Moll.” – Film Threat


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