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Friday, 14 May
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Saturday, 15 May
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Sunday, 16 May
10:45AM 12:45PM 4:00PM 6:45PM 8:50PM 
Monday, 17 May
10:45AM 12:45PM 4:45PM 6:45PM 8:50PM 
Tuesday, 18 May
10:45AM 12:45PM 4:45PM 6:45PM 8:50PM 
Wednesday, 19 May
10:45AM 12:45PM 4:45PM 6:45PM 8:50PM 

An astonishing feat of contemporary film-making, The Man in the Hat is a beautifully framed odyssey of music, story-telling and silent comedy traversing the breath-taking landscapes of France. 

The Man In The Hat sets off from Marseilles in a small Fiat 500. On the seat beside him is a framed photograph of an unknown woman. Behind him is a 2CV into which is squeezed Five Bald Men. Why are they chasing him? And how can he shake them off?
As he travels North through France, he encounters razeteurs, women with stories to tell, bullfights, plenty of delicious food, a damp man, mechanics, nuns, a convention of Chrystallographers and much more. And always, on his tail, the Five Bald Men.
As the Fiat 500 wends its way across the mountains, gorges and bridges of France, the 2CV hard behind him, the Thin Man (Ciaran Hinds) comes face to face with the vivid eccentricities of an old country on an old continent.

★★★★ "It's quirky and touching, and if you want to travel but don't want to travel, then off-the-beaten-track France will do your heart good." - RTÉ

"...a picturesque odyssey across the French countryside, the best Provençal driving holiday you’ve never had." - The Guardian

"Beautifully made, sumptuously shot and a definite change of pace from the hectic bustle of blockbuster cinema."
- HeyUGuys

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