Wajib- the Wedding Invitation 96 mins

  • Wajib- the Wedding Invitation
  • Wajib- the Wedding Invitation
  • Wajib- the Wedding Invitation
  • Wajib- the Wedding Invitation
  • Wajib- the Wedding Invitation
  • Wajib- the Wedding Invitation
  • Wajib- the Wedding Invitation

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Writer/director Annemarie Jacir’s multi-award winning comic drama explores the lives of Palestinians living in Israel, and stars real-life father and son Mohammad and Saleh Bakri. The title of Wajib translates as ‘duty’, and it’s duty that brings architect Shadi (Saleh Bakri) from Rome back to Nazareth, where his sister Amal (Maria Zriek) is to be married. 

Local tradition dictates that Shadi and his divorced dad, Abu Shadi (Mohammad Bakri), must drive around town delivering wedding invitations. Friction is in the air even before the duo clamber into Abu Shadi’s beloved and beaten-up old Volvo. Shadi thinks the exercise is outdated and meaningless. For his father, it’s about maintaining important community rituals.

Bakri and son Saleh are terrific and earthily funny as the bickering duo who meet colourful characters on their cross-city travels. A Palestinian born in Bethlehem, raised in Saudi Arabia and educated in New York, Annemarie Jacir (Salt of this Sea, 2008; When I Saw You, 2012) brings a worldly, wise and witty eye to this hugely entertaining and illuminating slice of Palestinian life. 


FICC/IFFS Prize, Youth Jury Environment Prize, and ISPEC Cinema Award - Locarno Film Festival 2017

Special mention from the jury - BFI London Film Festival 2017

Special Jury Award - MedFilm Festival in Rome 2017

Best Muhr Fiction Feature, Best Actors Mohammad Bakri & Saleh Bakri - Dubai International Film Festival 2017

Golden Astor for Best Feature Film in the International Competition

Best Actor for Mohamad Bakri

Best Feature Film Award Argentine Film Critics Association

Best Feature Film SIGNIS Award

Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata 2017

Best Film - Kerala Intl Film Festival India 2017

Audience Choice Award - Florence Middle East Festival 2018

Best Film - Prishtina International Film Festival 2018

Best Film - Casablanca Film Festival 2018

Jury Prize and Best Actor for both Mohamad Bakri and Saleh Bakri - Arab Film Festival of Oran 2018




“An intimate, well-played disquisition on what it means to be a Palestinian abroad versus a Palestinian at home.”
“A whip-smart, moving comedy of family and community.”
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