SFF21: LATIGO (Latigo) 63 mins

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Sunday, 16 May

Co-founder of Australia’s legendary ‘Wogs Out of Work’ stage show, Simon Palomares knows comedy. In Latigo, he turns his attention as a documentary filmmaker to the comedy scene in Cuba uncovering a vibrant, energetic history that proves humour truly is an international language.

How has a country that has effectively been cut off from most of the world for over six decades nurtured such a rich comedy scene? This is the question that takes Palomares to the heart of what Cubans find funny. In doing so, he reveals fascinating insight into both Cuba itself and how people use comedy to deal with the challenges of their daily lives.

Interviewing a range of comedians – some of whom have been performing for almost forty years – Palomares examines how humour can be a powerful tool for political commentary, exploring the impact of media technologies such as television and the internet.

Featuring Andrea Doimeadiós, Omar Franco, Irela Bravo and many others, Latigo is a window into a hilarious and fascinating world.