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Friday, 17 July
All you dear Mistoffelees, Rum Tum Tugger, and Skimbleshanks, it's time to cheer, hiss, scream, laugh and enjoy a night of rousing sing-along as all you feline-loving patrons belt out the musical numbers being performed onscreen. Claw your way into Luna Cinemas, Leederville on Friday 17 July @7.00pm to live your cat dream with Perth's infamous Macri Sisters.

While critics and mainstream audiences have rejected Tom Hooper's Cats, the film is fast becoming a cult favourite like The Room and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. While audiences everywhere hissed at Cats, it's finding its audience in a series of “rowdy” screenings where you are encouraged to sing, purr, hiss, meow, roar, and more during these interactive screenings.

Whatever the Jellicle Moon is, it is shining bright, and that means it's time for a true Catstravaganza as The Macri Sisters (or, as they will be known on this night: Rumbleroar, Peeve and Crookshanks - do you sense a theme?), take you by the paw and lead you on a journey you never knew you wanted to go on.

Sick of being glared at for speaking your truth in a regular cinema screening? Well, this is a safe space to loudly cheer for the masterpiece that is the Skimbleshank's tap number, snot-cry through Memory and scream in horror at the tap-dancing vermin with human faces (WHY, GOD?!). 

Don your best feline attire and get ready for a CATwalk of costumes, sing-alongs, pop quizzes, photo ops, dance breaks, heckling to your heart’s content and discussing why Taylor Swift’s cat is wearing heels. We will explore all the important questions like:
WHAT even is the heaviside layer?
WHERE is the #ButtholeCut?”
WHY is Rebel Wilson unzipping her own skin??

Whether you’re a Cats aficionado or have never experienced the whimsical joy/godless abomination of this musical, you’re in for an unforgettable evening. Macavityyyy! 

The Macri Sisters are a triad of performers sprung from a frankly alarming variety of industries in the Perth arts milieu. They are deeply passionate about musical theatre, especially the questionable stuff. Veruca Sour is a powerhouse of the burlesque scene who teaches dance and choreographs musicals on the side. Nicola Macri is a comedian, writer and film-degree-haver who has travelled Australia with her award-winning (yes, really) show, The Hilary Duff Film Re-Enactment Festival. And, Kiara Macri is a classic triple threat— a musical theatre and cabaret performer, dance teacher and vocal coach. 

With their powers combined, the sisters three teamed up to create the sell-out Fringe World smash hit Kiara with a K, a love letter to cabaret, theatre and nonsense. All of them have a lot of complex feelings about Cats (and about cats, which they love but two-thirds are allergic to). They firmly believe that their whole lives have been leading up to hosting this exact event, and they dare you to have as much fun as they’re gonna!

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