THE BELOVED: EVENT SCREENING with director intro   260 mins

3923 THE BELOVED: EVENT SCREENING with director intro
Screening: Sun 8 Aug


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Sunday, 8 August
In 1981, a group known as “the Orange People,” established a large, vibrant commune and ashram in the centre of Fremantle. They were disciples of the controversial spiritual teacher, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and devotees to his worldwide movement. 

In their vision for a higher consciousness revolution, they would experience a spectacular and public rise and fall in the space of a few years. 

An epic meditation on the audacious living experiment and untold aftermath of the Rajneesh sannyasin movement as told by sannyasins and ex-sannyasins directed by Joseph London.

Joseph will introduce this special encore screening at Luna on SX. Since our last sold-out screenings of The Beloved in February, the film has been accepted to screen at the Melbourne International Film Festival!

Please note: Because of the length of this film, there will be two short intervals for a comfort break or popcorn top up!

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