AFFFF19: RECEPTION: The Fall of the American Empire 128 mins

2947 AFFFF19: RECEPTION: The Fall of the American Empire

Presented by the High Commission of Canada in Australia, enjoy nibbles and drinks followed by this witty and sardonic comedy that looks deep into contemporary society and values.

7:00pm Reception - Includes a drink and nibbles upon arrival

7:30pm film:

THE FALL OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE is built around the concept of money: what it means, how it is used, what value it has in our world, and what it can do to people. Arcand's protagonist, Pierre-Paul (Alexandre Landry), is a 36-year-old with a PhD in philosophy who ends up driving a courier truck, a line of work he believes he is too good for. A single event changes Pierre-Paul's life: he finds himself with a lot of money in his hands - and a choice. This money can provide him the lifestyle he wants, but it can also lead to numerous headaches, namely in the form of entanglements with both police and the criminal underworld. Pierre-Paul's decisions take him on an unlikely voyage where he needs all his wits to outfox his various pursuers, amongst whom are two rather different women: a young prostitute who can free him, and a young cop who can put him behind bars. 


Screening Thu 4 Apr at:

Camelot Outdoor - session times

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