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Saturday, 26 September
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Sunday, 27 September
11:00AM 1:00PM 4:50PM 6:50PM 
Monday, 28 September
11:00AM 1:00PM 4:50PM 6:50PM 
Tuesday, 29 September
11:00AM 1:00PM 4:50PM 6:50PM 
Wednesday, 30 September
11:00AM 1:00PM 4:50PM 6:50PM 

Fresh from its selection in Cannes Un Certain Regard, and PIAF, Adam is a moving and heart-warming story of food, friendship and female empowerment, set against the backdrop of a modern-day Casablanca medina.

The debut feature film from director Maryam Touzani, explores the unlikely friendship between two very different women – one a lonely widow and the other unmarried and pregnant - whose paths cross in a tiny bakery. Initially closed off from the world, the widowed Alba (Lubna Azabal) is reluctantly charmed by pregnant Samia’s (Nisrin Erradi) eagerness to lend a hand with baking. When conservative values threaten both women’s freedoms as Samia struggles to prepare for her growing baby, the bond they grow to share could be the saving of them both.

"An unabashed love letter to motherhood...deeply satisfying...emotional comfort food." Variety

“Intimately loving… both actresses are superb.”

“An unabashed love letter to motherhood... beautifully made, deeply satisfying...emotional comfort food.” Variety

“A celebration of everyday women.” Screen Daily

“Intimately loving... both actresses are superb.”

“Beautiful, tender, riveting and realistic. A simple tale beautifully told, which will generate much discussion among your friends ... had me on the edge of my seat.” So Perth

“An insightful, emotional film that will certainly touch the heart... a very emotionally confronting film at times but ultimately, I think hopeful.” Perth Underground

“A film as beautiful as it is touching. Recalls the paintings of Italian and Flemish
masters... an ode to life.” Africultures


David Stratton Recommends

“Poignant and involving...a beautiful story of two women who transform each other's lives.”
Hollywood Reporter
“A beautiful film about friendship.”

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