Session times for all locations

Thursday, 21 January

Luna Leederville Session Times

Thursday, 21 January

Dawn Raid (M) 1 hr 53 mins

10:50AM 3:15PM 6:50PM 8:50PM 

Only the Animals (M) 2 hrs 13 mins

10:50AM 1:30PM 6:40PM 9:00PM 

Penguin Bloom (M) 1 hr 51 mins

10:45AM 5:00PM 7:00PM 8:15PM Outdoor 9:00PM 

Ammonite (MA) 2 hrs 15 mins

11:00AM 1:30PM 6:30PM 9:00PM 

Music (M) 2 hrs 1 min

10:30AM 4:00PM 8:45PM 

My Salinger Year (M) 1 hr 55 mins

10:40AM 12:45PM 5:10PM 7:10PM 

Promising Young Woman (MA 15) 2 hrs 11 mins

11:15AM 1:50PM 4:20PM 6:50PM 9:15PM 

Spread Your Wings (PG) 2 hrs 7 mins


Summerland (PG) 1 hr 55 mins

12:40PM 4:20PM 6:30PM 

Dry, The (MA 15) 2 hrs 14 mins

11:10AM 1:45PM 4:10PM 6:40PM 9:00PM 

Call to Spy, A (M) 2 hrs 17 mins

12:50PM 2:50PM

How To Be A Good Wife (M) 2 hrs 2 mins


Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles (G) 1 hr 27 mins

2:45PM 5:15PM

Furnace, The (MA 15) 2 hrs 10 mins

4:00PM 9:10PM 

All of our cinemas are fully licensed. Only at Luna Leederville is it a requirement that under-18's must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult.

Luna On SX Session Times

Thursday, 21 January

Ammonite (MA) 2 hrs 10 mins

12:30PM 4:00PM 8:30PM 

My Salinger Year (M) 1 hr 54 mins

10:30AM 2:45PM 6:50PM 

Promising Young Woman (MA) 2 hrs 8 mins

11:00AM 1:30PM 6:30PM 8:50PM 

Summerland (PG) 1 hr 53 mins

1:00PM 4:45PM

Dry, The (MA) 2 hrs 12 mins

10:45AM 1:15PM 3:45PM 6:20PM 8:45PM 


10:40AM 3:50PM 6:15PM 9:00PM 

Windsor Cinema Session Times

Thursday, 21 January

Penguin Bloom (PG) 1 hr 53 mins

10:50AM 1:20PM 6:20PM 

Ammonite (MA) 2 hrs 12 mins

10:40AM 3:30PM 8:30PM 

My Salinger Year (M) 1 hr 56 mins

1:30PM 3:45PM 6:10PM 

Summerland (M) 1 hr 57 mins

1:10PM 8:20PM 

Dry, The (MA) 2 hrs 15 mins

11:00AM 4:00PM 6:30PM 8:50PM 

Luna Outdoor Session Times

Thursday, 21 January

Camelot Outdoor Session Times

Thursday, 21 January